Follow Tags, Not People

Symp is the first hashtag-based network.

We are currently invite only.

Social can't be private.

By making a virtual copy of yourself, in a system so fragile and complex we no longer understand, you have made yourself vulnerable.

Constant noise, an ongoing and endless race for attention and marketing disguised as distraction — you are the transparent citizen of the internet, and you chose to be. And while you have made yourself transparent, the only ones who really get heard are still the top one percent. You, however, are just a target.

Disconnect from your facsimile and reconnect not through your identity, but through what really defines you — your thoughts.

What is Symp?

Symp enables you to connect solely on topic basis. Discover discussions, opinions and ideas. Search for what you care about - or get inspired by what others have to say. Join the talk or simply listen first. Find out what's happening in the world we live in, hear and get heard. Symp is a network for your interests.