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If your home or workplace does not have a basement or tornado shelter, tornado survival is still possible. Follow these suggestions for preparing and staying safe. Follow these suggestions for preparing and staying safe..Underground storm shelters, made from reinforced steel or concrete, are prebuilt structures that are installed underground in a yard or underneath a garage. They’re slightly different from a basement Both the walls and ceilings are made from reinforced material. Underground storm shelters are resistant to extreme winds and debris, but might not .”The best place to be during a tornado is the southwest corner of your basement.”. MYTH. It’s an old wive’s tale that the southwest corner of the basement is the safest, derived from the idea that most tornadoes will approach from the southwest.. Barring a storm cellar or a specially constructed, reinforced room, a basement is the place where you’re likeliest to survive a direct hit from a tornado..A tornado is a rotating mass of wind originating from a severe thunderstorm that extends to the ground to wreak havoc on anything that it touches..While a basement is a good place to take shelter from a tornado, no corner of a basement is safer than any other. According to the SPC, this myth arose from the mistaken belief that most tornadoes come from the southwest and that any debris they generate would fall into the northeast corner of a basement..Prevention and practice before the storm At home, have a family tornado plan in place, based on the kind of dwelling you live in and the safety tips below. Know where you can take shelter in a matter of seconds, and practice a family tornado drill at least once a year. Have a pre determined place to meet after a disaster..Identify a safe place in your home where household members and pets will gather during a tornado a basement, storm cellar or an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows. In a high rise building, pick a hallway in the center of the building. You may not have enough time to go to the lowest floor..Tornado Watch Tornadoes are possible. When there is a Watch, move to be near enough to a shelter or sturdy building to be able to get there quickly in a few minutes if there is a Warning or if you see signs of a tornado approaching. Remain alert for approaching storms. Watch the sky and stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio, .

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